We are a team of engineers, designers and cyclists. Passionate about our work, we believe that the city sets us free, is the cradle of creation and we look for inspiration in every corner of it.

We observe how the way of commuting in cities is changing. Every day new forms of transportation emerge such as autonomous cars, taxi apps, electric scooters and many others. Although these solutions are more efficient than cars, deep down, they are promoting sedentary lifestyles.

On the other hand, bicycles, besides being economical and friendly to the environment, need us to be in constant physical movement, and therefore, healthy. In YERKA we believe that bikes are one of the best alternatives to move around the city.

However, as cyclists we live in constant fear for our safety, making it difficult for more people to choose it as their mean of transportation. Our goal in YERKA is to provide all cyclists with the safest bicycles in the world, with a focus on design and innovative technology.

In this way we pursue our purpose of keeping human beings physically always active.