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A normal bike + a lock can weigh up to 17kg or even more, and you have to carry a backpack or bag just to carry it. The Yerka weighs 12.9kg and you forget about the extra weight.

The differences of the Yerka model V2 with the V3 are the following: 2 new colors ( Gold and White ), more intuitive and solid locking technology, more ergonomic and comfortable grips, more comfortable saddle (Velo).

The Yerka is designed to hold up to 150kgs combined (rider and bike) under normal use conditions.

Our Yerkas have been tested and approved to withstand up to 150kg without problems. We work with one of the best mechanical engineers in Chile (Majin Cycles), and they were also tested on difficult terrains by our ambassador German Wehrhahn (Enduro MTB Chile).

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Our lock is made with a series of independent cylinders within the mechanism, which meet the highest safety standards in the market.

Yes, the Yerka V2 and V3 include special holes so you can install almost any type of child seat, fender or grill.

We recommend checking the compatibility with your local expert.

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Yes, all Yerkas include Anti-Theft Nuts that require a special adapter in order to be removed. The special adapter is also included.

You can buy online through our website with delivery in 5-10 business days to almost all of Europe. When buying online, just select the product you want and add it to your shopping cart, then you enter your shipping and payment information. 

Yes and no. If the Yerka is secured to a structure, it is not possible to dismantle the system without its key. However, when the system is unlocked, it can be disassembled to replace components or service it.

Since the bike frame acts as its own lock, breaking the lock means breaking the bike itself. Any thief would consider it an impractical idea. If for some reason the thief breaks the post, fence or structure to which the Yerka was secured, he will not be able to pedal, since the lock system also locks the cranks.

The entire frame of the Yerka is made of aluminum and cromoly to provide rigidity and safety. The Yerka (Single Speed model) weighs about 12 kilos which makes it lighter than a traditional bike plus the weight of a U-Lock.

You can secure it to any type of posts, fences, traditional inverted U-type cycle racks or similar, trees, etc. up to 17cm in diameter. These are only suggestions, the limit is your creativity!

Our technology works in such a way that if someone were to cut the tube, the whole bike could not be closed to its original shape. Any spare parts can only be obtained from us and a ticket or proof of purchase must be presented to validate it.

You can add or replace any component of your Yerka such as wheels, brakes, pedals, etc. Our Yerkas also include special holes to be able to add grills or other accessories.

We also have a wide range of accessories available on our website.